Hello 2013!

Hey Skint pals,

Happy New Year! Hope you’re all having a great 2012 so far. I have to say that it’s shaping up as a better year for me so far – though that’s maybe because I’ve spent all of it on holiday till now. Not away from home, but away from my desk and emails and all that stuff. So forgive my silence please – once in a year it’s nice just to hang out with friends and family . . .

Happy 2013 written in fireworksStill, if I stayed on holiday any longer I’d have bankrupted myself, so it’s good to be back to normal life in a way. We tried to do some fairly frugal things over the holidays, like hillwalks and a museum trip. Oh, and climbing a tree – there was no-one more surprised than me about that . . . But despite these more frugal activities, overall it was a pretty expensive time. Cinema, ice skating, dinners out etc – not cheap. I don’t regret what was spent though cos I loved it all and anyway, if there’s ever a time when it’s okay to be skint it’s surely January! 

In true New Year fashion, and because my brain is still just ever-so-slightly marinated in mulled wine – I’m kicking off my 2013 posts with a look back at the year that’s gone. I’ve been looking at what were the most popular posts of 2012 on Skint in the City and have found out that the winner by a hundred miles was How to Make Money on eBay.  That one post generated more new visitors to the site than any other, so I might look at doing some more in a similar vein soon. Goodness knows, I’ve got enough stuff waiting to be put on eBay – I just hate the faff involved in doing it. 

After the eBay post, number two in the Skint in the City 2012 hit parade was How to Breathe New Life into Old Clothes Lots of people seem to find my site after searching for how to customise clothes. It’s been a wee while since I posted much on that but I’ve got about two big bags of stuff awaiting alteration/ a more exciting life, so I’ll maybe try to actually haul out a garment and tart it up, then blog about it here soon. I also wanted to know which post from 2012 was least popular – which one really stank for you? Unfortunately there isn’t a WordPress function that tells me that, but I have my own suspicions. Looking at the site stats, I can tell see that you guys weren’t rushing in your droves to read my scintillating post on home party planning. Just too Tupperware was it? Point taken pals; there will be no more of those. I get the feeling that cocktail parties might be more your thing!

Quite fancy a cocktail party myself actually: I want to have more fun in 2013, as much of 2012 was spent being too busy and sleep-deprived. As well as Baby Skint’s arrival of course there was a load of  building work done on the house, and then the break-in. (It was only in writing this post today that I realised I worried to you about a break-in several months before it

Skint in the City ebook cover

Ha, you might as well judge this book by its cover ‘cos that’s all there is at the mo . . .

actually happened, here. Spooky, eh?) And then? Well, there was finishing the ebook – hooray. Then the ebook being stolen – boo.Yup, too painful even to share at the time, the ebook was on the stolen laptop and backed up on a memory stick that was in my handbag – also stolen. So a 2013 resolution is to rewrite it! And hopefully make it better – there’s no other way to look at it really, not if I want to stay sane! On the upside I’ve learnt a load of new things through doing this site that I can put into the book next time round. 

I’m also looking forward to blogging more this year: finding out new ways to live well for less, then sharing them here. With baby Skint now seven months I’ll have a bit more time soon and I’m looking forward to doing more writing. What does 2013 hold in store for you? Any out-there resolutions you want to share or are you too busy down the gym/detoxing/becoming a better person? Would love to know. xx


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