Ho ho how to save a fortune at Amazon (and three other ways to bag online bargains this Christmas)

Hey Skint pals,

I’ve missed you! Seems like ages since I wrote here, having been away from home with work and family things. It’s great to be back.

And suddenly, in the space of a week, it feels as if Christmas is staring at me down the barrel of an advent calendar. . .  Suddenly the afternoons are dark and chilly, and all I want to do is curl up with a fire and some chestnuts. But not before I share some ways to save a ton in the run-up to Christmas. Here, my Skint pals, are a  few tips on ways to grab online bargains this Christmas – including how to save a fortune at Amazon. Just get your laptop and a drink and snuggle down . . .  if you’re really canny you may not even need to leave the fireside in December at all . . .

  1. Save a fortune at Amazon

Sssh – here’s a little secret that Amazon doesn’t shout about. Every Monday and Wednesday, the mega-site puts up new, and often brilliant ‘Lightning Deals’, tucked away in the top-left toolbar under a tag called Today’s Deals. When you check it out you’ll find fab discounts – today they’ve got Burt’s Bees gift sets at 40% off and a whopping 62% off of a Samsung camera with built-in wifi that I would kill to find in my Christmas stocking. Some of the Lightning Deals only last a day, others a week or two, and new ones are posted every Monday and Wednesday. Keep checking, Skint pals – I reckon you these Amazon deals could slash your Xmas gift bill by 50%.  igloo lit up. amazon deals














 2. Be Santa in reverse

So, Santa brings stuff to your home, right? How’s about this December you take stuff away from homes instead, all whilst spreading Christmas cheer? I’m talking, my pals, about a nifty way to save money with eBay, by not paying delivery/postage charges. Whatever you’re searching for on ebay, use the sort button in the top right corner, then select ‘Distance:nearest first’  This will bring up all the items you’re looking for that are collection only, for sale near you. Not only do you not pay postage, but the key thing is that these items always attract far fewer bids, keeping prices right down. Do factor in your transport costs though.

3.   Live Luxe for Less

A subject very close to my heart. Everyone likes to enjoy a bit of the champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget now and then, and that’s why I’m a fan of designer sales websites for Christmas party outfits and the like. Typically offering up to 70% off top brands they’re good to know about when you’re shopping for special gifts and treats. Top sites include vente-privee and secret sales. But  you don’t want to become a regular customer of these sites –  that deafeats the purpose of joining to save money – unsubscribe after Xmas, so you’re not tempted by daily emails and offers.

4.  Give yourself a hand

I’ve mentioned the invisiblehand app before, but am giving it another shout-out because it’s such a clever little helper. Basically, it’s like a little elf, toiling in the interweb workshop all year long, endlessy searching for the best deals on whatever you’re browsing. So, say you’re looking for flylondon boots. (a search I do every winter . . .). Whilst you’re browsing them on Amazon say, invisiblehand is searching the rest of the web to see if it can get you a better deal. If it does, it tells you. If not, it stays quiet. Nifty, eh?

How are you going to be keeping things skint and savvy this Xmas, Skint pals? Let’s share what we know and help each other bag some bargains . . .

Skint xxx

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5 thoughts on “Ho ho how to save a fortune at Amazon (and three other ways to bag online bargains this Christmas)

  1. You’re right, it’s freezing today! Gotta love Amazon on days like these. I do feel for the High Street but there’s something really rewarding about shopping with the fire on and a coffee in hand. :-)

  2. WOW I never heard of that InvisibleHandApp! Thanks for sharing :)

    • You’re welcome Chris! Got any tips to share?

      • Well apparently they also have an unbeatable price guarantee that states that if you find an item cheaper within 30 days of your purchase, you are entitled your money back! :)

        I find this a great initiative from Amazon, no wonder they have a lot of happy customers!

        • Chris, I had no idea! That is a brilliant tip – will check it out now. Thanks for sharing!

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