Great Gatsby Style – At Great Prices (Though Sadly Not 1920’s Ones . . .)


Hey Skint pals,

An extra- glamorous post today, to celebrate the premiere of the Great Gatsby this weekend – (for U.S readers – May 17 for the UK) –  I was very happy to be chosen as one of this week’s best style posts by the very chic tribe over at International Fashion Bloggers. Seems they liked my post on getting your wardrobe summer-ready, skint-style – and I like the rest of their picks and want to share them with you. Want to learn how to do easy Great Gatsby make-up? Or how to shop for clothes without trying them on? Then read on pals . . .

To bring you some extra Great Gatsby glamour for the weekend, I’m sharing the full list with you here – the very best of style posts from across the web from over the last week. Enjoy, Skint chums. And if you’re new to this site (and only if you like it!), please take a second to subscribe using the box on the right, to make sure you get all the forthcoming posts on living the high life on a shoestring budget. There some extra-good great stuff coming up soon – including giveaways you won’t want to miss!

Anyway, on with the show . . .  Here’s the IFB list of what it thinks is making the world more stylish this week . . .   

With all the dazzle of this week’s Met Gala and the upcoming excitement of the Great Gatsby, this summer is going to be all about glam.  This week’s roundup has just about everything you need to know about looking fabulous, how to find the best deals in most unexpected places and how to save yourself money by buying kids clothes! 

Links à la Mode: May 9th

 So, that’s all for now, Skint pals. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Doing anything stylish? Don’t let being Skint stop you! Anyone going to see the Great Gatsby? Early reviews seem mixed – I can’t think how it will beat the book, so I just intend to sit back and enjoy the style! 

 Skint x


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