Hey, we’re all rich!

Hey Skint pals,

My five year old daughter told me, quite firmly, this morning that if you have two pounds or more, you’re rich.  So, we’re all practically millionaires, right? Congratulations to you all! 

And extra congratulations to the now super-rich Olivia Kirby, who won the Skint Bownty competition and will now be enjoying £55 of deals to spend on meals out, shows, or whatever takes her fancy. Well done Olivia – and thanks to all of you who entered. If you didn’t win this time, never fear – there are more competitions and giveaways coming up soon!  

Now, you know how sometimes, things just take on a life of their own? Sometimes, that’s stuff you don’t want, such as dodgy tweets, acne outbreaks and the rise of the onesie, but sometimes it’s stuff that you absolutely do want to see spread. And that’s what happened with the last blog post you read here; ‘Would you wear clothes then return them as unused?’ It’s grown arms and legs it seems!

First, my dear friend, fellow finance blogger across the pond Budgets are Sexy, took the idea and gave it his very own, unique spin, here, which is well worth a read: the stuff I learned from his commenters – made me feel as if I’ve lived a sheltered life!

Next, the lovely crew at International Fashion Bloggers made the post one of their Links a la Mode, together with a bunch of style bloggers, below. It’s a nice way, Skint pals, to find out about some other lovely blogs.



Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

And the post featured in a few weekly round-ups, or ‘carnivals’ as bloggers call them. Doesn’t ‘carnival’ sound so much more festive than round-up? Just grab a bag of candy floss and join the carousel, laptop in hand!  Anyway, here are the links, and the chance to stumble across your new, favourite blog, so here’s a shout and a big thanks to the Yakezie Carnival,  Carnival of Financial Independence and the Lifestyle Carnival.

best of the web rio carnival

They all agreed – the personal finance bloggers’ float was the best the carnival had ever seen . . . 


Congratulations again, rich pals! I hope you are all feeling particularly wealthy today. In the interests of research I just counted what I’ve got in my purse. £4.24, an elastic band, and a load of old receipts –  I am, quite officially, rolling in it.

Skint xx

Photo credit: taringa


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4 thoughts on “Hey, we’re all rich!

  1. Thank you for putting things into perspective, we are indeed pretty rich, and too spoiled to recognize it most of the time.

  2. Aw, your daughter sounds adorable. I might just be scrooge mcduck, then!

  3. kids say the cutest things! I’m very very wealthy — at least for her! Congratulations to the winner!

    • I know, I keep meaning to write down her pearls of wisdom and never quite get round to it. Maybe blogging about them’s the next best thing! Congratulations, Marisa, on being so very rich too! x

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