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heartsHey Skint pals,

I often get asked for to give tips on things that make my day-to-day life easier. My answer? Red wine and coffee – what’s life without them? But  sometimes folks want the nitty gritty and so I’ve put together a little list of stuff I like/use/recommend.

From blogging tips and tricks to web hosts, this is stuff that basically just makes my life a whole lot easier – and this is where I stash it. For your delectation and delight. But really? Red wine and coffee still top my list.


If you want to set up your own blog and you’re looking to be able to take advertising etc, then you’ll need a host. Someone to open their doors to you, serve you canapés and turn down your sheets before bed. Or, maybe just a company that makes it super-simple to get your site up and running, without charging the earth. If that’s the case, you could do worse than check out WP Engine.



Blogs I Like

It’s not all about the products, Skint pals. The best bit about blogging is connecting with others and getting to read their stuff. Here are my top picks on the blogging scene right now.

Afford Anything

Budgets are Sexy

Reach Financial Independence

The Altucher Confidential

The Money Principle

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