Designer Dress Rental: The Saviour of the Xmas Night Out?

Alexander McQueen Digital DressHey Skint pals,

 Hope you’re all doing great. When the folks at Style Compare asked me if Skint readers would be interested in finding out about renting designer dresses instead of buying them for the Christmas party this year, something told me you might. Because you’re a canny bunch I suspected that, like me, you might begrudge shelling out a load of cash on sparkly things you only wear once or twice. After all, when it comes to calculating cost-per-wear, I doubt that Xmas party frocks do well.

So, here what Style Compare’s Head of Fashion, Johanna Payton, has to say on how to rent rather than buy this party seasonand there’s a cheeky little 30% discount too, just to get you in the party mood: 

 How many times have you splashed out on a Christmas party dress only to wear it once? There’s nothing quite as tragic as a beautiful gown hanging, unworn, in your closet, but that’s so often what ends up happening. After all you can’t really rock a sequin-adorned maxi at the office; your embellished bodycon won’t wash on a night out at the local pub; and if you hit the supermarket in a bejewelled, designer statement-maker, you might not encourage the right kind of staring.

 That’s why hiring – instead of buying – is such a genius idea this Christmas: it’s what all the style-savvy celebrities and party girls do. Look fabulous, spend less and leave more rail space in your wardrobe for everyday essentials…it’s a no-brainer. 

Loved by fashionistas, Girl Meets Dress has a huge selection of celebrity dresses, current season designer pieces and brand new ball gowns to borrow – and they’re perfect for proms, special occasions or Christmas parties. Buying a dress from a top designer could cost thousands, but at Girl Meets Dress you can dazzle everyone at the party in a stunning, expensive design – with change from a £50 budget. 

Gold is a huge party trend this season, so if you fancy adding a little touch of luxe to your look you could do worse than check out this gold sequin prom dressgold Opulence prom dress (right), which will set you back £49 for two nights.

 If this year’s digital prints are your bag, why not turn up to a Christmas party wearing the McQ Alexander McQueen digitally printed dress (pictured above) – at £29 for two nights it’s a steal.

 If a little black dress is more your thing (and let’s face it, this is one party classic that will never go out of fashion), there’s lots to choose from under-£50: Alice by Temperley’s Roussillion dress, with cute jewel detailing, is £39 for two nights and looks amazing with silver heels and a sparkly clutch. 

It’s not all about the dresses though – you can also hire bags to complement your outfit. Remember how  Carrie’s PA in the SATC film was addicted to renting designer bags? Now you can too – Marni’s colourful embellished clutch (below) –  £473 to buy, but just £29 to hire for two nights looks brilliant with a simple dress and killer heels.Marni Embellished Clutch

 And as a little Christmas bonus this year, Style Compare is offering shoppers an exclusive 30% off rentals till Sunday – so you’ll have even more money left over to spend on Christmas treats for you and your friends.

 Skint’s note:  As with all designer rentals, just be careful to get it back before midnight, Cinders! Now go and enjoy the ball, or the karaoke, or the cheeky sherry in the stationery cupboard , or whatever delights you’re plotting!

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