Five Apps That’ll Save you a Ton.

Hey Skint pals,

Hope you’re week’s going well. I’m in the mood for top ten lists this week, after learning that Skint’s been named as one of the UK’s top 10 personal finance blogs. Number eight – that’ll do fine, thanks. The mighty Martin Lewis’s blog is at number two, so I’m in good company. Thanks to you all for reading, sharing and generally being such brilliant Skint pals and supporters.

That little boost set me to thinking about lists and I realised it’s been a while since I’ve done a money-saving round -up. So, for your money-saving delight and delectation, chums, here are my five favourite money-saving apps that’ll have you recouping the cost of your phone bills, quick-smart. From saving on the supermarket shop to making sure you grab the very beast deals from the group-buying sites, here are the apps that are floating my boat right now: 

woman with megaphone

Roll up, roll up! Big savings start here!


1. RedLaser

Cost: Free

Comparing prices online before you go shopping is so 2012, baby. With RedLaser you can scan barcodes whilst in a store to compare the price with real shops nearby, as well as online ones. Found it cheaper elsewhere? Click to buy via the app and have the item delivered to your home or arrange to pick it up from a local retailer. Great app if you see something new whilst out shopping – RedLaser will let you know if there’s the same item lurking more cheaply in the shop round the corner.


Cost: Free

This is a goodie. With so many daily deals sites now around, just keeping on top of them can be a job in itself. I think I’m subscribed to four, all sending daily emails, and it’s hard to remember which have the best offers. Redeemia  captures the best deals from each site in one place, based on your preferences and location. So if you’re looking for afternoon tea in London, for example, Redeemia will give you a round up of all the best deals on offer from across the likes of Groupon, Wahanda etc.


3. Which? Your Rights

Cost: free

Stuck in a shop with a frazzled assistant refusing to take back faulty goods? Being forced to take a credit note when you feel entitled to a refund? Ha! The trusty Which consumer experts are now swooped down like caped crusaders to help you out; via this handy app. With one click you can on find out all your shopping rights, from dealing with faulty goods to returning unwanted items. Gives instant access to impressive sounding stuff, such as the Consumer Credit and Sale of Goods Acts. Quote that and see your money magically reappear across the counter, Skint pals.

 4. Rated People

  Cost: free 

I’ve had great experiences of using this site. Whilst nothing beats a personal recommendation from a friend, this app allows you to get tradespeople bidding for your work. You set the budget and say what work you want done, then sit back and allow tradespeople to bid. You can check out their references and see how they’ve been rated before, allowing you to hire a plumber/joiner etc who is recommended and  trusted by other site users.

 5. mySuperlist 

Cost: free

Next time you shop online for food, check out this app, which lets you enter your shopping list, selecting from five main supermarket chains, then keeps a running total of what your items cost in each store. When you’ve finished, this clever app tots up where you can get the whole lot cheapest and redirects you to the supermarket that will give you the best deal. It takes the same amount of time as doing a normal online shop and can typically save you 5-10%. Genius!


 Got any of your own to share, Skint pals? What’s your favourite money-saving app or website?

PS – Quite a few readers have got in touch with recently to let me know that the free delivery code for Space NK is working for them right across the UK, not just in Glasgow where I trialled it. So, before buying your Space NK goodies, click for the code and bag yourself free delivery.

Skint xxxx 



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  2. This is a great post! I was looking for a guide for what apps can I download that can help me save money. Thank you very much!

  3. Wow! Great post on money saving apps! I haven’t downloaded any apps on my mobile phone.

    • Thanks! Think a lot of these also have websites which basically do the same job if you’re more comfortable with that.

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