Secret Discount Code for Space NK – Oh Happy Day.

Hey Skint pals,

It’s baltic in Glasgow and my house is a mess but oh, it’s still a joyous day, because I’ve just stumbled across a secret free delivery code from Space NK. Not just that – it’s turned me on to a new way of potentially bagging free delivery codes all over town.

Picture the scene. Sunday Evening, browsing the Sunday Times Style section, I got caught up in an article about red lipstick by India Knight. I like red lipstick. There was a time, way back, when I wore nothing else, but, as I get older it’s not so easy to wear.

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When red lipstick goes wrong . . .

Put it this way: everyone wants to look like Louise Brooks, but Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Not so much.

India Knight though had a secret to share. Being past the age of 22 herself, she’d tried to find a red lipstick that still suited her and has found it in one called Medieval, by the brand Lipstick Queen. Now India Knight raved about this lipstick so much that I checked the top of the page to see if it was an advertorial but nope, apparently just her own heartfelt and generous endorsement. She called it genius, one-size-fits-all and the lipstick she comes back to every day and night. I knew as I was reading it that this lipstick would sell out straight away. I also knew, sucker that I am, that I wanted it. What girl doesn’t want the perfect red lipstick? So after a bit of faffing about on the web I decided to buy it.

£20 for a lipstick isn’t cheap but Ms Knight gave it such a wonderful review I’d have paid more. Thing is, when I got to the checkout Space NK were charging £5.00 delivery. (Lipstick Queen themselves don’t seem to do UK deliveries). £5.00 delivery for a lipstick?? What’s that per kilo? I might be gullible enough to make my lipstick-buying decisions on the basis of someone else’s opinions but I’m not dumb enough to shell out £5 delivery for something that weighs roughly the same as a toenail clipping.

Free Delivery Code for Space NK

So, I called Space NK‘s Glasgow store to see if they had one in stock. Nope, sold out, courtesy no doubt of Ms Knight and her persuasive pen. Never mind, offered the sales assistant cheerfully; ‘You can put in the code SNKGLASGOW on our  website and you’ll get free delivery.’


Sure enough, I kept the woman on the phone while I tried it, and just like that my fiver delivery charge was whipped off the total. A fiver discount form a two minute phone call. I’m always looking for ways to save money on shipping, this got me thinking. What if, before I order stuff online in future, I call the actual store and asked them for their website’s free delivery code? Would it work? I wonder if all stores have a free delivery code for their websites? I’m betting many do. From now on I’ll be taking a minute to try.

 And back to Space NK for a minute – if the Glasgow store code is SNKGLASGOW then you don’t need to be wearing a grubby beige mac and talking like Columbo to work out that the Edinburgh store’s code is most likely SNKEDINBURGH and so on. And just like that, a fiver saved!

Got any other tips on ways to save delivery costs when shopping online? Or are you in a different part of the country and fancy trying the free delivery code with your local area? Let me know if it works – would love to find out! 

Till next time, Skint pals, when I’ll be writing to you with my new lipstick on. I am, quite frankly, expecting miracles.

Skint x

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Poppy King, the Lipstick queen herself.



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16 thoughts on “Secret Discount Code for Space NK – Oh Happy Day.

  1. Denise

    Just want to say a huge thanks for this free delivery code. I’ve just used the Leeds one and it works. Like others I dislike paying delivery charges for one item.
    Brilliant!!! 😘

  2. Katy

    This still works! I used SNKLEEDS and got the free delivery!
    Thank you so much, I hate paying delivery, especially when it’s that much!

    • Wunderbar, thanks Katy! I need to replace my Lipstick Queen lipstick from Space NK so I’ll be using this little trick again myself. Glad it worked for you!

  3. Jules

    Just used SNKBATH & it worked!! Thank you very much. Got some lovely gifts in the sale for my sister in law & with free gift wrap too it was a total bargain! Couldn’t resist a lovely new makeup bag & cheeky nail varnish for myself too! Did try SNKHARROGATE first but that didn’t work.

  4. Rebecca

    I’ve just used your formula – SNKGLASGOW didn’t work for me but SNKBATH did! Brilliant – thank you so much.

  5. Bev

    just came across your site and this article after googling promo codes. just wanted to say that SNKGLASGOW still works – and it’s now December! thanks so much for sharing! i live in London btw, so good to see that this code can be elsewhere in the UK =)

  6. Amanda

    Sorry…..forgot to leave the discount code which is DISCOVER14. This is £10 off £40 an over spend. I bought one Diptyque candle on one order with free delivery, and the other two orders were 2 bottles of Frederick Fekkai shampoo and conditioner at £20 each….also with free delivery.

    Essentially 25% off which you don’t get every day from many retailers but only if you put your sales through at £40 a time! And don’t forget to put the free delivery discount code in after you’ve used the £10 off discount code.

    • Fantastic comment and information Amanda – thank you! Will tweet and share – delighted it worked!

  7. Amanda

    Thank you so much. Space NK have £10 off a £40 and over spend today and it can be combined with the free delivery discount code you have listed. I have just made three different orders and saved £30 on discount and £15 on delivery……a whopping £45 saved and Space NK do lovely delivery boxes too.

    What a glorious result from a 30 second google search of ‘Space NK Free delivery Code’.

  8. I’m from Glasgow but now I live in Nottingham but the code worked! Thanks!


    • Brilliant – I think between us all we’ve worked out that the code works all over the UK. Now, which code can we crack next, eh? Imagine if we could put our heads together and never have to pay a delivery charge ever again . . .

  9. Helen

    Just used the code and it worked for me in London too! Rococo nail varnish for £3 in Sno Baby, thanks for sharing the code

  10. Sadie

    I gave it a go earlier and it worked! Diptyque perfume for £17.00 in the sale with no delivery charge to North Wales :-) Thanks for the tip!

  11. Megan

    Just tried the code from London and IT WORKED! 50% off SpaceNK Sale + free shipping = win! THANKS SO MUCH.

    • Brilliant! Great to know it works in other cities – thought it would! Did you get anything nice??

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