Salut, Skint pals!

Hey Skint pals,

It’s great to be back home after a terrific fortnight on a campsite in France. We spent two weeks on the west coast of France, not too far from Bordeaux: blistering hot days, amazing cycle paths through pine forests; good wine and lots of chat with fellow campers.

Camping, in my book, is the most refreshing holiday of them all, as well as the thriftiest. There’s nothing more convivial than a campsite around 7pm, when the wine’s being cracked open, the barbecues fired up and the kids are bombing around on their bikes or catching ladybirds in yoghurt pots with their new friends.get rich slowly camper vans

This time, we opted for a mobile home with Keycamp rather than a tent, because of baby Skint; frankly we’re no match for her high-speed crawling prowess, and had visions of her zooming out of a tent onto the road. But next year it’s back to tents for us, I think – for me nothing beats the feeling of spending a fortnight (or ten months) out of doors.

And back home, the weather’s not so bad either and I’m hoping it’ll hold for camping in Scotland this weekend. Yep, I’ve got that holiday feeling and I’m clinging onto it for all I’m worth.

Meantime, it’s back to writing and as I crank up the brain cells again I thought you might be interested in these two pieces I wrote recently for other sites, both of which provoked more comments than I ever thought they would . . . A bit different from the stuff I write here and I wanted to share them with you.

First up: How much do you dare to bare? When it comes to money are you happy to get financially naked, or do you prefer to keep your earnings all buttoned-up? Do you tell people how much you earn? Who knows the figures? I wrote this post about sharing what you earn for US finance site Get Rich Slowly and was astonished at both the number of comments it generated and the diversity of opinions. See what you think . . .

Over at one of my fave finance sites, Budgets Are Sexy, I asked whether being honest is bad for business. I wanted to put the question out there after my bank teller sent me to the post office cos it gives a better rate; my dry cleaner told me to go home and wash my clothes; and a hotel owner cheerfully told me his rooms were crap. Whaddya think – is this honesty a good or a bad business move?

That’s all for today, Skint pals, except to say that I hope you’re all having a great summer. See you soon!!

Skint xx

 Photo credit: Snailtrail


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