Free money – no really! Gift Cards for Sale Bring Big Bargains

If you’re planning on hitting the sales over the next couple of weeks, check eBay for gift cards before you go. See, up and down the country at Christmas, people were receiving unwanted gifts: a jar of bath salts, a Christmas jumper – we’ve all been there. But there’s one unwanted gift that is a real bonus to skint in the city girls and that’s the gift card / gift vouchers.

People often receive them for stores they don’t like and then sell them online. Of course, the only way to do so however is for less than the voucher’s face value – oh happy day! eBay has tons of gift cards for sale just now, going for maybe 20% less than their actual value. shopping bags

Of course you need to be careful: it would be easy to fall for a confidence trick here, so wherever possible follow up with some questions to the seller before buying or, if they’re in the same city, you could try to meet at the actual store to verify the value of the card before you hand over your money.

Oh and next year, don’t give your great-granny those Agent Provocateur vouchers, okay? We all know what your game is.

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