Have Bargain, Will Travel – The Smart Way to Transport your ebay Finds

Who is the loveliest of the all?

I am no slave to designers. No sir. Generally I hate anything that wears it name on its front and yet . . . for the last couple of months I’ve found myself pining for a Smeg fridge. It’s the funky retro-look, the cute wee silver handles, but yikes, even secondhand Smegs are way out of reach 99% of the time.

However, just occasionally, one comes up on ebay that I might actually afford, till I see that postage is going to cost me three times more than the fridge. A couple of weeks ago I saw a relatively cheap one advertised in London. My heart jumped ever so slightly. Then I called a courier company and it sank. They wanted £559 to transport it! You can guess what I said.

So I’m delighted to have found out about bargain shipping company Shiply, courtesy of a great post by fellow blogger Miss Thrifty. I won’t repeat her wisdom – just head across to her post and read it for yourselves, but essentially Shiply lets you find delivery vans that are already heading to your town or city and which have some spare capacity for your goods. A bit like car-sharing for your lovely new things. Sounds nice and sociable, doesn’t it? And way, way cheaper than putting your new purchase in solitary confinement as it travels. I love this idea – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve fallen in love with a bookcase in Brighton or a cocktail cabinet in York, then balked at the cost of transporting them home.

A great find, Miss Thrifty – thanks.

3 thoughts on “Have Bargain, Will Travel – The Smart Way to Transport your ebay Finds

  1. […] new and long-awaited purchase. You may remember my quest for a Smeg fridge I could afford from this earlier post . How I have coveted Smeg’s funky retro curves, its magpie-shiny art deco handles, the […]

  2. I’m a newbie to your blog and I fricking love it! And yes also loving the retro Smeg fridge.

    • Dear Miss Moneypenniless,
      Thank you so much. It’s really exciting to hear that from you! I’d be delighted if you’d subsrcribe and I’ll be following you in turn of course.
      Aren’t Smeg’s adorable? I haven’t given up hope of getting one – somehow I will find one on a bargain and blog blog blog about it when I do!
      Thanks for your support.
      Skint x

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