How to Make Money from Your Not-So-Humble Opinions

Today’s post is a guest post by Sophie Lizard, who’s here to tell us about a novel way to make some extra cash . . .

Everybody’s got one. I’m sure you have. And it’s more valuable than you might think.

We’re talking about your opinion, folks, which is worth some serious money to companies and organisations who want to understand how they’re coming across to, you know, real people.

People like me and you, who make shopping choices based on a whole range of criteria, from our own skintness, to the sparkliness of the item beckoning through the shop window.

woman with megaphone

Feeling mouthy? Hey, might as well get paid for it!


How to Make Real Money from Market Research

So here’s the thing: you’ve probably seen those online questionnaires where you can earn 50p a go and eventually (one day, someday, maybe…) it’ll build up to the payment threshold and you’ll get a cheque for fifty quid. I’ve actually done that, but the £50 took more than a year to earn. Who’s got time or patience for that? Luckily there’s another way to go if you want to make money from market research . . .

Joining a paid market research organisation as a participant in genuine, full-detail research studies is a much better call. You can earn up to few hundred pounds for a couple of hours of your time, and it doesn’t take much effort to join in.

One UK market research organiser, Take Part In Research, typically pays between £40 and £250 per session. Though you can’t join too many sessions per year, this is a really nice way to grab some extra cash.

And because we’re a nosey lot on the whole, a nice extra bonus is that we get to take a peek inside the development process of products, services, ads, and even government initiatives which so often seem cloaked in mystery!

Make the Most of Taking Part

Some of the biggest rewards come from market research projects that specifically need people in a certain job, so you might find a business research project that pays you well to talk about how and why you spend your company’s money.

What can be more fun, though, is joining in a group discussion to debate, or going to a hall test where prototypes are presented for you to explore and give your verdict. (Can you imagine having been in the room when they piloted the iPad – what a buzz!)

Whether you’re in it for the money or just for the thrill of trying out products that haven’t hit the shelves yet, taking part in paid market research is well worth a thought.

This guest post was written by Sophie Lizard, a freelance blogger who works with Take Part In Research to spread the word about paid market research opportunities.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money from Your Not-So-Humble Opinions

  1. I didn’t actually realise there were ways of doing this for a decent ‘wedge’, wrongly assumed it was a bit of a pyramid scheme and a time consuming one at that. Thanks for the heads up, going to look in to this now. Cheers Skint!

    • You are very welcome Danny. It’s legit! In fact I got an email from them today looking for people to take part in researxch around buying a new car. Sadly, I’m not in the market for a new car at the mo but had I been they were offering £100 to track the decisions and factors I consider when making a car purchase. Nice money for something you’d be doing anyway!

  2. Sounds like a much better passive income stream than surveys :)

    • Think so, Savvy Scot! In my experience, surveys bring in buttons at best!

  3. Sounds like a fun way to make a little extra money! I went once for a 2 hours session about a clothe shop and got a £50 voucher for the shop. Never found other adds to do it again so having them online makes it easier.

    • Hi Pauline, what a result for you – hope you liked the clothes the shop sold! I agree though, there aren’t many opps like that publicised, so, like you, I think it’s good to have a resource like this one.

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