How to Save Money on Diamond Jewellery: Or, Why the Carat is More Important than the Stick

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What are you up to this weekend? Shopping for diamonds, anyone? In keeping with the living the high life on a shoestring tagline I occasionally like to bring you news of how you can really splash out for less. A little bit frugal, a little bit Fendi, that’s us Skint girls. And when we think of splashing out, few things make bigger waves than some nice shiny diamonds, right? So when the folks at Diamond Manufacturers approached me with this guest post about how to save money on diamond jewellery I thought that you might be interested in learning how to get your rocks for less.

After all, with the Easter bank holiday weekend fast approaching, many couples will be using the extra days to take a romantic break and pledge their undying love. Marriage proposals always spike at bank holiday weekends, and even if that’s not your style, you might just decide to buy yourself a cheeky little sparkler after reading this. If any of you do decide to bag yourself some rocks over Easter you will let us know won’t you? Even better, send in the pics!how to save money on diamond jewellery

Over to you Diamond Manufacturers:

Cheaper than you think

Everyone’s surely heard the phrase ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, right? It’s easy to see their appeal: clean, luxurious and great to look at even for the millionth time. The cost of diamond jewellery can be too much for many people looking for that perfect gift, but believe it or not it is possible to buy it on a tighter budget!

Tying the knot for less

If, for example, you’re buying an engagement ring, there are a few tricks you could use in order to get a great piece of diamond jewellery without breaking the bank. Vashi Dominguez from Diamond Manufacturers offers these tips to save money on diamond jewellery:

  • Choose a diamond that’s less than 1ct or 0.5ct – this will save you a lot of money without making too much of a difference in the diamond’s quality.
  • Diamonds that are nearly colourless rather than completely colourless are cheaper, and when used in jewellery, the difference is hardly noticeable.
  • Don’t be put off by any stones that have minor imperfections – again, they can hardly be seen without use of a powerful microscope, and are much, much cheaper.
  • Using a bezel setting will help to make a diamond appear bigger. This will mean you might be getting more for less. It circles the stone in the ring.
  • Diamonds set in white gold rather than platinum is cheaper, yet few people would know the difference!
  • Try to set a ring with some side stones – this makes diamond jewellery look more impressive without setting you back too much.
  • Buy your diamonds online. This lets you easily compare prices online to find the best deal and can help save you as much as 80%.
  • If size really matters to you, consider buying a diamond that’s pear-shaped. This gives the illusion of looking larger, so you get more sparkle for your  cash.

What about you, Skint pals? Ever snagged a bargain on some serious rocks? Or did you find another novel way of declaring your undying love? We’d love to know.

Have a great weekend.

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