Letting Go of Materialism – Can You Do It? (And a Happy PS)

Hey Skint pals, today’s post is a guest post by 62 days, which wonders: could our fascination with consumer goods be running our bank balances into the ground?

Materialism is something we’re all too well aware of these days: this constant fixation with obtaining (and then maintaining) more and more stuff. And whilst it’s normal to get excited about the latest gadgets or a new dress, when it comes to coveting all the lovely stuff that adverts bombard us with every day, trying to prioritise the things we need most is essential.   woman holding dog


Simply buying only the clothes that you absolutely need may be an achievable task for a few people. But for most of us, it would be boring to say the least. We need a range of clothes to choose from every morning – items that suit not only our schedule for the day but also our mood.

Asking yourself why you need an item of clothing before buying it is an important question in your bid to stop wasting your money. If you want a cardigan just because it will go with the pair of shoes you bought last week, try to hang fire. Next thing you know, you’ll need new trousers to go with the cardi!. If you want it because you know it will make you feel more confident at a work party next week, that’s a much better reason – working out where you’ll wear an item of clothing and roughly how much wear you’ll get is key to planning a wardrobe that works.


Jewellery isn’t a necessity – but this doesn’t stop us from being completely enchanted by it. And rightly so: a few sparkles at the neck can detract from bad hair days, late nights and all sorts of horrors. If you’re looking to save money, however, it might be a good idea to look at the reasons why you buy jewellery. If you like to splurge on diamonds, for instance, (lucky you!) wouldn’t you feel just as good wearing a cheaper stone? Or perhaps renting some rocks for a special occasion, rather than buying? Or to fund your habit, how would you feel about selling old jewellery that you don’t wear anymore?


We’re all becoming more dependent on gadgets and with so many apps to choose from – from ones that help you find a parking spot to ones that generate a dinner  recipe based on what’s in your fridge – it’s clear to see why we’re so in love with technology. It’s important though to remember who’s boss. Next time you’re dwelling on upgrading your phone to the newest model, or hankering after a better Sat Nav, think of the money you could save by just lowering your dependence on technology.

As far as materialism goes, most of us are guilty, but by being aware of the pitfalls of excessive spending we can remain in control of our stuff, rather than the other way round.

And here’s the happy PS: It’s been an exciting week here – baby Skint has arrived safe and sound! She’s a skint girl, folks – a gorgeous one. All is well. Aawww . . . . x




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