Making Easy Money – Is It Really Possible?

Following on from the break-in I’m looking at ways, besides the insurance obviously, to make back some of the money that we’ve lost. After all, insurance is all well and good but with the excesses, and the depreciation on electronics etc, you just don’t get back what you lost. We’re still in negotiation with the insurance companies, but when they offered me a titchy £36.99 for my iPod, I knew it was time to get thinking of other ways to recoup our costs. Sure, we’ll keep talking with insurance to try and recover the full cost , but meantime I’m thinking of other ways to make money. Shoe habit aside I’m normally fairly sensible when it comes to money, but lately I’ve been pondering behaving 90%  sensibly and using the remaining 10% of my disposable income just to take a punt on stuff I might not normally try. Here’s how I’d do it:

Buy shares – Of course for many this is on their sensible list, but I’ve always viewed share buying with some degree of suspicion. Perhaps that’s a hangover from my upbringing, when cash was definitely king. I’m a cautious soul at heart and am not entirely comfortable with the fact that share prices fall as well as rise. I do have an investment ISA, taken out about five years ago, which has lost money every year since. Stuff like that makes me want to cry, so I’ll never be a Donald Trump, but when I read of other people’s successes – even modest ones – with buying and selling shares it makes me wonder if I should give it a go. 
Flutter my bingo wings– When the folks at Foxy Bingo approached me last week it got me thinking. Was this an easy way to make money from home? The idea appeals to me far more than playing in a bingo hall: I could be sitting in my living room with my laptop (when I get a new one, that is – you’ll remember the burglar snaffled that too), with a wee glass of something lovely, trying to hit the jackpot. I’d limit my spending, but as cards start at 10p for a game it wouldn’t break the bank and might be fun.
The lottery – I’ve always viewed the National Lottery as an annoyance. Every Saturday when I’m buying a newspaper the queue takes forever because people are bulk-buying lottery tickets. Am I the only person in Britain never to have bought one? Not a scratch card, not a Lucky Dip, nothing. In fact, here I am bandying words like Lucky Dip around, when really I don’t even know what that is. I wouldn’t recognise a Lucky Dip if it ran up to me in the street and gave me a hug. Yet, I’m always opening the newspapers that I’ve just spent hours queuing for, to find photos of champagne-popping lottery winners. Could that really be me?
Online competitions: Since running the Groupon giveaway recently, I’ve been getting interested in online competitions. Often ridiculously easy, someone’s got to win them and the prizes range from a brand new Mini Cooper to a dream holiday in the Maldives. Oh, or a lifetime’s supply of tinned hot dog sausages but, you know, we can’t be choosy.
So, those are they new areas that might be worth a tiny punt. And back on more familiar, sensible, ground, here are the other ways that I’m thinking of to make back some of the cash lost in the break-in.
Selling on eBay: Is it only me who has bags and bags of stuff sitting waiting for me to get around to selling it on eBay? One day soon I will, I swear! There must be hundreds of pounds worth of unwanted/uneeded stuff gathering dust in the basement.

Jack and Jill markets: With baby Skint already outgrowing clothes quicker than you can say more-milk-please-mum, I’m ready to start getting rid of some baby stuff. Jack and Jill markets get a good name and I reckon that taking a stall and selling everything over the space of a couple of hours might be easier than listing and selling each item spearately on eBay. Would I make as much cash though?

This site – I get a fair number of requests to advertise on this site and only take a few of them. Often that’s because I find that the behind the scenes work I need to do takes more time than it’s worth. If I was a coding whizz-kid things would be different, so before the year’s out I’m vowing to learn a bit more about this . Or, if it all gets too bamboozling, I’ll look into working with a technical whizz and splitting revenue with them. I suspect my life might turn out to be a little too short for HTML.

What about you folks? Do you have any bright ideas on ways to make money? One lucky woman is quids in today: the winner of the £40 of Groupon vouchers in Skint’s giveaway, chosen at random via,  is Cherie Shaw, who said she’d spend them on a gift for her kids, aaw. So, congratulations, Cherie, and thanks to you all who entered the Groupon giveaway. With more than 400 entries it went really well and I’ll be looking to run more of these soon.
Meantime, have a great weekend, folks. Here’s hoping you all get lucky.
Skint xxx

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2 thoughts on “Making Easy Money – Is It Really Possible?

  1. Hi there

    Firstly, sorry to hear you were broken into! I really ought to have insurance but am trying to cut down expenses. The real value of my possessions is the value of the data on my PCs – websites that I build for myself and others. A price really cannot be put on that.

    As for investments, might I recommend a website called “The Motely Fool” at I listen to their money talk podcasts and find them extremely interesting as it has helped dissolve some of the mystery surrounding stocks and shares.

    (The podcast link you want is

    As for bingo – give Gala Bingo a try. You can register for free (when asked to enter your debit card details close the browser session) and play free games on certain days where you can win a jackpot of £70.

    eBay – Get stuff from your Freecycle group and flog it. Just goes for the things that people are getting rid of as an alternative to the tip. I got a washing machine that somebody was desperate to offload onto someone else. I didn’t sell it on eBay but did get cash for it a local shop.

    As for the lottery, I’ve never gambled in my life. But with everyday that passes without me having security and/or insurance, the more I realise the I am indeed a gambler!

    And eBay

    • Thanks Darren!

      You’re right about the real value being the stuff on the PC itself – the hardware can be replaced but not all the months and years of ideas and writing on there. Best not to think too much about it really or I’d cry! Onwards and upwards – and I’ll be doing a lot more backing up in the future, for sure.
      Thanks so much for the Motley Fool tip. I’ll be checking them out – and your site too.
      All the very best – stay in touch,

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