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With baby skint almost here, I’ve been thinking of ways to start getting rid of maternity clothes whilst making a bit of cash at the same time. Frankly, I could happily build a bonfire in the garden and burn the lot, but I figure I might as well get something in return for the trauma of wearing elasticated waist garments for months now, so I’m going to sell sell sell and make some money on eBay at the same time!

eBay seems like the obvious place. I know I’ve really undersold stuff on eBay in the past though, so over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a bit of research into how I can make more cash from the stuff I sell there. I’ve come across a few really good tips for how to make money on eBay that I wanted to share with you:

Don’t sell bundles, sell separately – Often maternity clothes (or indeed any clothes) are sold in bundles on eBay for around £30. This would typically include about twelve items that sellers list together because they don’t want the hassle of selling lots of items individually.  I understand completely – sometimes we just want the damned things out of our homes. But selling items in bundles is selling ourselves short. Maternity jeans can typically sell individually for £15, so taking an extra hour to list items  individually can easily snag at least £100 more than selling clothes in a bundle.bundle of clothes

Buy ‘lots’, then split them for resale – Related to the tip above, if you’ve bought a bundle of clothes from eBay – or indeed any other collection such as 80s chart singles, back copies of Vogue or whatever floats your boat – try reselling them as separate items. There’s an easy profit to be made in buying bundles and reselling the items separately.

Create an eBay store – If you’re planning on selling quite regularly, this is worth doing as it lets people easily find all your items for sale in the one place. Chances are if someone likes your taste in blouses they might want to snag a couple while they’re online – setting up your own eBay store makes this much easier for them to do.   

Buy and re-list items – Often items are listed poorly on eBay, either without photos, or with inadequate descriptions. By buying these items, and relisting with photos and better sales blurb it’s easy to make an extra 20-30% on top of the price you originally paid.

Time the end of your listings to suit your market – The end time for listings is crucial. The last 30 minutes of selling often sees the sale price rocket as all those watching the item start to bid. Make sure you capitalise on this by timing the end of your listing to suit the schedules of your target market. Weekday evenings around 9pm are ideal for most folks – they’re at home and still awake. If you’ve got a high-fashion item that’s going to appeal to young women steer clear of finishing auctions on Friday and Saturday evenings when they’ll be out strutting their stuff in gorgeous clothes rather than bidding for new ones.

What about you folks? What are your experiences of selling on eBay? Is it an easy way to make money or frankly not worth the hassle? Do you always mean to do it, but never quite get round to selling the stuff that’s sitting in your cupboard? Share your comments with your Skint pals!

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16 thoughts on “How to Make Money on eBay

  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and
    wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog
    posts. In any case I will be subscribing to
    your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  2. […] do so is to sell off the contents separately on eBay and the like. I’ve written before about how to make money on eBay by buying job lots then selling the goods separately. Even if the suitcase just contains the usual […]

  3. dave

    Cool site

  4. I have a slightly different take on selling bundles. I often bundle products in twos or threes so the total value of the sale is higher. = Same amount of work – more money. I have started selling locally produced gourmet food products. So if for example I am selling £4 jar of honey, then I sell it two jars at a time for £8.00.

    • That’s really interesting, Skip. I guess there are just so many different ways to sell and make money on eBay etc – that’s the beauty of it. I can see how bundling several of the same/similar items that people might want would work well. I often bulk buy products that I use time and again, to save me ordering them more regularly. Usually saves on postage too! Thanks a lot for the comment – I really like your site and have bookmarked it to come back to for more info on online selling another time. All the very best.

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  6. i love the idea “buy lots and split then for resale” as individual items thats smart , what price is best to charge for each item on ebay? I also like the idea if setting up an ebay store as if they like one item , they may like similar related items too. Is there a way of speeding up the ebay listings?

    thanks for sharing


    • Hi Mark,
      I guess that charging depends on the item in question, but you definitely get more for selling separately. FOr example, a big bag of clothes on eBay might go for between £20 and £30, but by splitting and selling, each item might go for £4, adding up in total to say £70. Big difference really, though it’s obviously more work. Re speeding up eBay listings, as the seller you set the closing date so it’s up to you really. I think mid week and mid-evening, say 9pm, is the best time to close as so many people are on their home PCs then.

  7. Sell like products at the same time. Bidders look to see what else you have for sale they might be interested in. Combined shipping saves postage for the buyer. Packing in the same box saves time and packing costs for the seller.

  8. Ebay is probably one of the betetr websites to get a lot of exposure for your items. If you want to sell on eBay, do your homework on the items what you want to sell. See what others are selling the item(s) for and check out what they are charging for shipping and handling. If you do sell on eBay, make sure you have a paypal account and only take paypal as a payment, that way you don’t have to worry if the check or money order you get for selling an item is good or bad. I have sold many things on eBay, some of them the bids have gone way up and other not.

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  13. Well now I am in full decluter mode I have a system here for getting rid of my stuff for a profit.

    Time to get a wiggle on

    • Thanks Elaine! I’m in declutter mode right now too. Just need to get a couple of free hours to do all the eBay listings!

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