Hooray! It’s the Most Terrible Day of the Year

Hello Skint pals and a very chirpy good morning to you all!

Why the annoying intro, you ask? Well, today being officially the most depressing day of the year * (cue sad face, gloomy voiceover), I decided that I wouldn’t buy into all that, but instead find reasons to be cheerful. 

See, we’re all supposed to be extra-low today, after someone or other calculated that today is the day we’re at our skintest/fattest/most sunlight deprived/lowest in self-esteem. Are you feeling at your very very worst – the worst in fact you’ve felt since this day last year? Nope, me neither. In fact, I’ve always quite liked January. November is my gloomiest month – watching the light fade faster each afternoon is what I hate. But by this time in January I always feel that things are on the turn and so here are some of the reasons why I’m fairly happy today, in this skintest of months. Bucking trends: it gives me quite the thrill.

  • Cheap Eats: January is a very bargainous month. I’ve got a January birthday, and my birthday meal a couple of weeks ago saw Mr Skint and I as the only two people in the restaurant. Okay, it was a tad awkward – at one point we had three waitresses – but what January socialising lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in bargains. Many restaurants, including Pizza Express and Zizzi, do great deals in January, with a whopping 40% off at Pizza Express. Here’s a list of the best, courtesy of the mighty Martin Lewis. 
  • Sales: The January sales are at their very cheapest. Now’s the time to snag that sofa you’ve been eyeing up – it won’t be as cheap again all year. And for clothes – especially if you’re not one of the most common sizes – mid-January is bargainsville central. House of Fraser’s Blue Cross sale sees amazing discounts at this time of year on furniture, jewellery, beauty products and clothes, with all brands slashing heavily. Nothing to cheer up mid-Jan for me like a trip to Frasers to spend the Xmas gift vouchers. Party dresses are one of the biggest bargains and worth snapping up cos they don’t really tend to date. I like this one, pictured right, now less than thirty quid.  flapper dressOne of my best sale finds came from Frasers in mid-Jan, the toy soldier dry-clean only jacket I recently put in the wash.  Emboldened by that success I might just snag another dry-clean item or two this year then stick them in a spin cycle one cold February evening, just for kicks. Crazy stuff.
  • Light: The nights are stretching and soon it’ll be that happy day where we leave the office at 5ish and step into daylight. One of the loveliest, most hopeful, evenings of the year, that one.
  • Hope: The year is still young enough to feel optimistic – the resolutions are still new and even if they’ve already been broken there’s still time left to start again. And if you’re not great at sticking to resolutions, here’s something great to help. Stikk is a site where you type in your resolution/goal and pledge that if you don’t keep it you’ll make a donation to the anti-charity of your choice. Yup, if you don’t do what you say you’re going to you must donate cash to the Lance Armstrong Truth and Honour Stipend or the Payday Loans Pseudo-Charity, or whatever else fills you with fear. The most popular choice is apparently the George W Bush Memorial Library. Genius huh? You can also choose to have the cash donated to a charity you actually support, but apparently it’s the fear of money going to their anti-charity that makes people stick to their goals. 
  • Burns Night: It’s this Friday and it’s a great excuse to have friends to dinner on the cheap. Whilst normally you might feel obliged to cook something fancy for your pals, on Burns night you just cut some potatoes, peel a turnip and buy in a haggis. Then you open the whisky and all sit around trying to remember the words to Burns poems, which no-one ever can. Only other investment? A book of Robert Burns poems. I like Andrew O’Hagan’s collection because he talks about what various Burns poems have meant to him at different points in his life and his love of them really comes through. There’s something great about Burns night – it just feels like a night to be with pals.
  • The Best Films: The best films of the year are coming soon. Late January/February’s a bonanza time for film-lovers. All the art deco cinemaChristmas schmaltz and the  kids films have finally slung their hook and made way for the goodies. I’m hoping to see Hitchcock. And if you fancy trying to bag some cheap, or even better, free, cinema tickets this year, just sign up to those websites which offer free cinema tickets to see previews of films before they’re released. It’s easy to get on their lists – simply sign up online and you will be sent a code for free tickets when they become available. Sites include seefilmfirst and tellten

*There’s even a formula to prove, beyond a glimmer of any doubt, why today is the most depressing. Here it is, lest you are still not feeling the gloom. {[W + (D-d)] x T^Q} ÷ [M x N_a]. So, that’s us all clear now then. 

Apparently W stands for weather, D for debt, T is time since Christmas and Q is time since New Year’s resolutions were failed. M is for low motivation and N_a means you can’t be bothered, basically.

Does this ring any bells with you?  Are you  enjoying an Eyeore-like wallow in the gloom today or confounding science by feeling quite okay? If you can raise yourself from your torpor to give me your comments I’d love to hear them . . .



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5 thoughts on “Hooray! It’s the Most Terrible Day of the Year

  1. January is always the longest month of the year. If I have to buy anything in this month or any other month I make sure I use a good price comparison site first. Like them or hate them. They honestly save you money.

  2. […] One reason why we love Skint: her tongue-in-cheek observation of the most depressing day of the year. […]

    • Aw, thanks you guys – I’m touched! Hope you’re doing well. And the way the Scottish weather is going here, just about any day so far in 2013 could be voted the most depressing! Skint x

  3. Interesting. I totally agree with a lot of good films coming out in the next few weeks. Sales! Most of the department stores will be having sales. It used to be the most favorite time of the year for shopping. Not anymore. I am trying to stay really, really low this year and do not tempt myself with any sales. So far so good – 22 days into the year without it. :)

    • Respect to you Aloysa! you’re right of course: the only thing better than snagging a sales bargain is keeping the money in your pocket. How are you finding your no-sales challenge? Been tempted at all or is your willpower super-strong?

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