40% will ignore trick or treaters due to cost – will you? And, ways to save on Halloween

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Are you scooping out the pumpkin and lighting the candles this week ? Or will you be closing the curtains, slamming the storm doors and whispering all night long? A study has revealed that 41%, of Britons plan to ignore trick or treaters this Halloween, with the majority claiming it’s because they can’t afford to hand out treats.save on halloween

Do you believe that? Or is ‘I can’t afford it‘ just a more socially acceptable way of saying ‘I don’t want my carpets muddied by scores of little people charging through my home on a sugar rush, telling terrible, half-remembered jokes and sticking their hand out for goodies bought with my hard-earned cash.’?

Is it all about the money?

The study asked people, ‘Do you plan to give gifts out, or respond to, Trick or Treaters this year?’  The results? 59%, said ‘yes’, and 41% said ‘no’ their door was staying closed.

Those who said that they were closing for business on Halloween revealed cost to be the number one factor. 45% said that they were ‘unwilling to spend money on treats for those coming to the door’. The study found that the average spend on trick or treaters is £8.26. 

So, how do you avoid trick or treaters? If my street’s anything to go by they’ll be bashing on the door from 6.30 till 9 – last year I made up 30 bags of treats and ran out by eight o’clock, after which time I was reduced to raiding the fruit bowl and, finally, my purse. Well, in the study, conducted by vouchercloud , 62% of respondents said they wouldn’t answer the door. However, 28%, brave souls, said that they would ‘tell them to go away’. How do you do that, folks? 

Many years ago, I went out one Halloween and came home at 11pm to find my storm door had been pelted with eggs. The price, presumably, of having a closed door, so I’m marvelling at the bravery of those 28% who tell trick or treaters to go. 

 Whilst most folks view trick or treating as harmless fun, some don’t agree with it religious grounds, some object to being asked for sweets and money and some, particularly older people living alone, feel vulnerable answering their door in the dark to strangers wearing masks.

What about you, Skint pals? Do you welcome trick or treaters and make buying sweets part of your October budget? If not, how do you avoid it? Tell them to go away, or just pretend there’s nobody home? Don’t be spooked, just leave a comment below! 

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And here’s some quick tips too on ways to save on Halloween:

Four Ways to Save on Halloween

  • Don’t make up separate treat bags for each caller. Instead fill two large bowls, one with fruit and one with sweets and let trick or treaters each take a handful. Works out cheaper than filling bags with lots of different things.
  • Shop for decorations in November. Come Friday Halloween decorations will be half-price, or even have 75% off. Stock up on your fake tombs then. (Now, there’s a sentence I thought I’d never write).
  • Use pound shops, not party shops. Buying Halloween costumes and decorations at party shops works out about five times cheaper than doing so at pound shops. 
  • Swap costumes with other kids in the street. Clothes swapping, or swishing, is very fashionable amongst stylish women now. Let your kids do it with their freinds too, and they all get a new costume without spending a penny.
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4 thoughts on “40% will ignore trick or treaters due to cost – will you? And, ways to save on Halloween

  1. We normally get Poundland sweets, I’m sure a few years of that and the children will consider Poundland sweets the same as not giving at all. I have actually forgot to buy anything in previous years and to my shame, just ignored the doorbell!

    • Ha, well now you know you’re in good company ignoring the doorbell, Richard! And please let’s stick to pound shop sweets – we don’t want the kids to start demanding organic chocolate and macaroons!

  2. Well that seems a bit harsh lol! We usually get some sweeties from the pound shop or something like that and just give them out.

    It won’t break the budget! There more, better ways you can save money and still be able to give out some candy!

    • Snap, Chris! Ah, pound shop sweeties – they really do come into their own at this time of year!

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