Over and Out!

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Dear pals,

Phew! Christmas – who’d have  it, eh? It’s as crazy here, Chez Skint, as I’m sure it is in your own lives. Whilst I’d love to be one of those organised folks who booked their grocery delivery slot back in September (uh-huh, there are plenty out there!), I fear that will never be me. Prezzie-buying got finished this afternoon, tomorrow is another day my friends, with enough hours in it surely for the gazillion-and-twelve tasks that need to be done before Santa comes.

But after that, it’s whisky and chocolate and fires and long walks, (hopefully!), just as the holidays should be. So this is an over and out, wishing you all the very best for the holidays, till early 2014.

Happy Christmas my friends, and wishing you a very happy New Year too when it comes. Thanks so much for reading Skint in the City this year –  and for all your ideas and wise words.


Skint x


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