She who Hoards Wins, with this Eye-Opening Deal

How’s your make-up bag looking these days? While mine’s respectable enough on the surface, I know that if I dig into the darkest corners I’ll find a gloopy, dried-out old mascara lurking next to an ancient tissue. Well, lucky me! Being a little sluttish with cosmetic hygiene is about to pay off this week, thanks to an offer on Clinique mascara.

From Monday 17 Jan-Sunday Jan 30 just take an old mascara tube to any Clinique counter at your nearest Debenhams and trade it in for a free sample of Clinique High Impact or High Lengths mascara. Your old mascara can be any brand – not necessarily Clinique – and the offer is limited to one per customer.

Bet most of us can dig up an ancient tube of mascara, but if not I don’t suppose there’s anything to stop skint girls buying one at the pound shop and taking it along: necessity being the mother of glamour and all that . . .

Worth a flutter, surely . . .

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