Skint is the New Black!

If only it were this simple . . .

Now, Skint in the City is all about living the high life on a shoestring budget. And while I like to focus on how to save a bundle on good, well-made clothes, socialising and lovely things for the home, any tips at all on making the cash go further are very welcome in my book.

That’s why I’m loving Super Scrimpers, the new Channel Four series starting tonight, which focuses on saving money on the smallest of things. FT columnist Miss Moneypenny is taking wasteful familes to task – aided by a wonderful army of professional penny stretchers – and she’s showing them how to feed, clean and amuse their families for next to nothing.

From making your own handcream, to popping candles in the freezer to double their burn time, the show is full of great money-saving tips. In these tough times, don’t we all need a little help?

It’s great to see a prime-time show on how to make our money go further. Skint is the new black, girls!

Got any money-saving tips to share with fellow Skint readers? One of my current favourites is clothes swapping – I’ve been using this site.

I’d love to hear your tips – just click on the Comment tab below to post.

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