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Hey there Skint pals,

Hope you’re all doing well. One of the pleasures of running Skint in the City is the chance to connect with fellow bloggers and learn from what they’re doing. I’ve got a few of my own favourite bloggers whom I read daily, and today I want to bring you a round up of some articles I’ve been reading this week that I thought you might like too.

1) One of my favourites is financial blogger, J Money, who writes at Budgets Are Sexy. For witty, topical advice you can’t beat the J Man. And this post really struck a chord with me, because he’s expecting the arrival of little Baby J any day now and he’s totted up what the little bean has cost him so far.  I’ve been meaning to do the same with Baby Skint, but as always

cost of baby's first year

J Money is just so much better organised! Hats off to you J Money – it’s a fabulously comprehensive list. 

2) This week’s new site discovery is  The Style Crone, a blog by 69 year old Judith, who beautifully details and  photographs her outfits, then writes about how they integrate with her life. I love her way of writing about being a stylish older woman, and her clothes sense is right up my street. For me, this site really stands out amongst fashion blogs.

3) Another blog I read regularly is Kylie Ofiu’s.  She’s full of new, fresh ideas and this week she rounded up some of the best here.

4) America’s obsession with stuff and size is the topic tackled by Ashley Kipp, writing at Get Rich Slowly about how she and her husband have turned their backs on supersizing to live a different way of life.

5) Have you heard of Hulu and Pandora? I hadn’t till I read this post from Wise Bread on which online services are worth paying for. Some of them I knew about already, but Hulu and Pandora are new ones on me and both sound like they’re definitely worth checking out.

6) And lastly, sometimes when reading blogs you come across new concepts you’ve just never heard about before. That’s what happened this week with Impulse Saving? It’s a new idea on on me, detailed by Broken Coin blog. The thinking is that every time you almost impulse spend, say on a new lipstick, you resist, take a step away from the make-up counter or the shoe hall, and instead bank the money straight off via your phone, using a special Impulse Saving tool. I like the idea – still taking the money out of your purse but putting it straight into an account instead – ker-ching! Here’s the post.


ageing stylishly

The Style Crone - if 69 looks this good, bring it on.

What are your favourite sites, folks? Do you read any sites regularly that always give you great advice or just cheer up a grey morning? For me the Style Crone and her gorgeous colourful outfits will be brightening my summer and giving me ideas. I’d love to know what your top reads are – just click the comments box.



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4 thoughts on “Skint Picks Six

  1. I meant to comment on this a while ago. Thanks so much for including me and what a great round up of blogs to check out! Thanks

    • You’re very welcome, Kylie. Great to see everything you’re doing recently: you’re a powerhouse!

  2. Thanks for compiling this list. It’s always great to learn about new blogs, especially from successful bloggers like yourself. I look forward to reading the posts you highlighted.

    • You’re welcome Julie – thanks a lot for stopping by!

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