How to Update Your Spring Wardrobe Without Burning the Budget

Hey Skint pals,

Can you feel spring coming? Yep, even though there are snow flurries forecast here for today, I can still feel the change in the air. Though I love the season I find spring fashion problematic, because spring’s just so damned fickle. Whilst autumn comes slow and steady, spring hots up then blows cold so many times before it finally makes up its mind to stay. How then to dress well for spring on a budget, when we’re constantly trying to second-guess the weather?

Layering, my Skint pals, is the only way, as you well know. But not just the classic vest-cardigan-jacket combo. Spring is hardcore and demands the same of us – I’ve found the best way to approach it is to beat the weather at its own game by putting together the best of  my summer and winter clothes. I like to bring the summer dresses out of hibernation around now, but wear them with a long-sleeved vest underneath and bright tights. Shorts are great spring staples too – pairing them with tights and a denim jacket always looks fresh – and layering your other-season-stuff this way saves buying too many new spring clothes.

Budget Spring Fashion 2013 coloured tights

Bright tights – one of the cheapest ways to make your outfit sing

My favourite way to get the spring feel without the shivers? Wear spring colours, but keep the clothes themselves warm. Somehow green tights seem more spring-like than black ones though they’re just as cosy. Ditto that trenchcoat – why go for cream or black when there’s mint green, royal blue or violet to be had?

Bright accessories are another way I like to put a spring into my wardrobe. Even when I’m still clinging on to my winter coat, a red or yellow bag is a nod towards the new season. I love bright colours and I’m no fan of black. Over the last few years I’ve been wearing it less and less; I just find it too dull, really. For me the LBD holds no appeal at all – give me the LCD – or Little Coloured Dress – any day. There’s just one bright colour that I’ve always avoided though – and that’s yellow. 

Being a Scottish lass with freckles, I do not sizzle in yellow. Yet this spring I’ve been unaccountably seduced by it after years of steering clear. Maybe it’s those photos of redheads like Julianne Moore and Jessica Chastain pulling off yellow gowns with such style recently. Whatever the catalyst, I have a craving for yellow that just won’t go away.

Where to start though? I’ve got no roadmap for yellow. It’s unexplored territory. How to pull off the yellow thing –  so in fashion right now – without looking like Tweety Pie? And so I turned to Uniprice for guidance because it’s a site that brings

Budget Spring Fashion 2013 penny loves kenny brogues

Skint loves Penny Loves Kenny. The perfect menage a trois.

together thousands of products from across the globe and sifts through to compare on prices, styles etc. What I like best about Uniprice is its advanced search facility – I just typed ‘yellow’ into the search and it came up with this selection of everything yellow – from scarves and nail varnish,  right through to jumpsuits and shoes. Now I can choose whether to test the water with a yellow accessory or jump right in at the deep end. But my favourite? My new spring love? These Penny Loves Kenny brogues, right, which must be mine right now. If I can only make one purchase this spring it’ll be these. Ooh, with a pair of bright socks and some ancient rolled-up jeans – there’s an outfit to chase the clouds away.

I also hunted down a yellow skirt in a vintage store recently. Because yellow was such a popular colour in the fifties and sixties, then again in the eighties, there’s a lot of it to be found in vintage stores and charity shops and much of it’s there for the taking right now, as yellow has only come back into vogue recently. My new skirt is yellow, navy and white striped and reminds me of the sun coming out. 

What’s on your lust list this spring? Or are you making do with what you’ve got? I’ll be doing one of my wardrobe audits this weekend before I shop – who knows I might even find a bit of yellow from the eighties right at the back . . . If you’ve got tips on how to handle spring dressing please share them with your Skint pals. xxx

spring 2013 fashion on a budget JESSICA-CHASTAIN-zac-posen

Jessica Chastain in Zac Posen – who says redheads shouldn’t wear yellow?

Photo Credit for tights pic: Creativefashionglee

 Photo Credit for Jessica Chastain: Red Carpet Fashion Awards



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