23 Budget Busting Blogs for Your Delight and Delectation

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I hope you’re all having a great week. Mine’s been loads of fun so far, and surprisingly frugal too, since, despite having three big events on, I denied myself anything new to wear and pulled some of my oldest vintage stuff fromthe back of the cupboard instead. I also got talking to a hairdresser and learned so many money saving insider tips that I reckon I’ve saved myself a bomb on future haircuts. (I’m going to share them all in a post, coming soon. Hint: one of the tips involved paprika and it’s a corker – are you intrigued?)

Now, with another holiday weekend coming up, I wanted to share a little love with you by showcasing some of the best frugal-living and personal finance blogs across the web. I was delighted to be included on a recent list that MoneyAware put together of their favourite money-saving blogs. And because I really rate the others on the list and read most of them regularly I thought I’d share them with you  – a list of blogs so fun and thrifty that you can literally feel yourself saving money with every word you read. skint in the city necklace. top money saving websites

Heh, If you make it through them all you’ll practically be a millionaire by the end. The following, in quote marks, is an extract straight from MoneyAware’s post – here are their fave 20 blogs about being thrifty.

“1.   Martin Lewis at MoneySavingExpert.com

Okay, so some of you might argue that with his celebrity status and regular spots on Daybreak, Mr Lewis doesn’t count as your average blogger. Let me tell you, he does.

Martin still faithfully updates his blog with debt news, special offers and hot deals. He also talks regularly with his Facebook and Twitter fans.

One reason why we love Martin: He played a huge part in  a recent landmark decision by Parliament to make financial education part of the national curriculum. Safe to say he’s a top bloke in our book!

2.   PennyGolightly

Penny’s motto is simple: “find a way to enjoy the finer things in life for less”. Her mission is to prove that you can enjoy yourself on a budget. Follow her blog for tips for smarter spending and you’ll see the rewards in no time! Penny also guest blogs for us from time to time.

One reason why we love Penny: the freebies and samples section on her blog.

3.   Blackbullion

Our friend Vivi released an excellent book last year to help kids get smarter with money. She’s got a finance background and has a special understanding of the problems that may arise in a person’s life with money. Sign up to her blog for updates and take a look at our review of Vivi Friedgut’s book ‘Money Smarter’.

One reason why we love Vivi: her article about kids, financial education and the piggy.

top money saving websites

Nice image from pennygolightly’s site. I like.

4.   Ask James at Experian

James Jones knows all you need to know about your credit file or history and what you can do to keep it in tip-top condition. Pop over to the Ask James section on the Experian website or send him a tweet.

One reason why we love James: His no-jargon responses to questions like “Can I avoid my husband’s debt mess affecting my credit history?” 

5.   Happier.co.uk

Just the title of this blog alone is enough to make us feel all fuzzy inside. We love the Happier.co.uk blog for its witty writing style, useful tips and no-nonsense outlook on money and debt.

One reason why we love Happier.co.uk: Their awesome guide on the 33 ways students can save money. 

6.   Help Me To Save 

You’ve got to love a blog that does exactly what it says on the tin. Canny lass Karen Bryan shares our mission to help you get the most out of life for less, and she’s got some great guides on her blog on how to do just that. 

One reason why we love Karen: The article she wrote to accompany Virgin Money’s infographic on the cost of lifestyle. 

7.   Baby Budgeting 

Before our colleague Pav went on maternity leave she found Baby Budgeting to be a lifesaver. It’s packed to the rafters with tips and tricks on how to save money on your bundle of joy. They also post links to some fantastic competitions! 

One reason why we love Baby Budgeting: Their plain English guide to the benefits changes.

8.   MakeDoStyle 

Girl about town Kate Battrick has lots of tips for looking chic on the cheap. She’s also the author of refreshingly funny eBook Girlynomics. It talks about the mindtricks we ladies sometimes play on themselves as an excuse to spend money. 

One reason why we love Kate: Read our review of ‘Girlynomics’ and find out! 

9.  MyFamilyClub 

This is a fantastic resource for parents (and non parents) to save money on their family and household all year round. On the blog you’ll find tips and guides on money-saving and budgeting, as well as vouchers, offers, deals and discounts, and where to find your household essentials at the best prices every week. 

One reason why we love My Family Club: They spoil us with this list of top 50 money saving tips!

10.  Moneymagpie 

If you’re stuck on ways to earn a little extra income, this is the place for you. The good folk at Moneymagpie, lead by journalist and TV personality Jasmine Birtles, are experts at finding those hidden opportunities in life to make some moolah, and want to share their expertise with you! 

One reason why we love Moneymagpie:  Their brilliant guide on how to save money and make money every day in May. 

11.   CashQuestions 

You can count on Cash Questions founder Annie Shaw and her team for sound money advice. Annie has also written an excellent article for us in the past about why you should never trust your finances to fate. 

One reason why we love Annie: Her hilariously-titled blogposts (e.g. Beware the hiss of an angry pensioner).

12.   Diary of a Frugal Family

We love seeing a journey of money mastery unfold before our eyes, and Diary of a Frugal Family gives you exactly that. Money-savvy mum Cass takes us through the highs, lows and in betweens of bringing up kids on a budget. 

One reason why we love Cass: Her step-by-step guide on how to organise a family funday for under £10.

13.   Skint in the City

From tips on how to make money selling lost luggage to finding out the best times for picking up kerbside treasures, Skint in the City has it all. There’s also some great guides on updating your wardrobe for cheap. 

One reason why we love Skint (aw shucks): her tongue-in-cheek observation of the most depressing day of the year.

14.   Savvy Woman 

Personal finance journalist Sarah Pennells is determined to help women everywhere become a little richer. Her website Savvy Woman was named 5th in ‘50 top websites to save you money’ by The Times earlier this year. 

One reason why we love Sarah: Her 10 easy ways to make the most out of your money.

15.   Miss Thrifty 

Miss Thrifty has also been featured in The Times ‘50 top websites to save you money’ and it’s not hard to see why! She tackles all cash problems: beauty, fashion, holidays, weddings, personal finance and food – all while bouncing a growing baby on her lap! 

One reason why we love Miss Thrifty: Putting together the 10 commandments of savings by the Thrifties. 

16.  And Then We Saved 

We don’t just limit our favourite blogs to the shores of Blighty, no sir. American blog And Then We Saved run by Anna Newell-Jones  is one of our faves for straight-talking money tips and encouraging success stories. 

One reason why we love Anna: Her jawdropping list of 56 things to do instead of spend money.

17.  Savvy Scot

From working as a bouncer and taking internships in Texas to studying a masters degree in mechanical engineering, SavvyScot certainly has experience in the upheavals life can throw at us. If you like your money advice with a healthy pinch of snark, you know where to go!

One reason why we love Savvy scot: Their straight-from-the-heart guide to living within your means. 

18.  The Frugal Path 

The great thing about The Frugal Path is that its creator Justin knows that one person’s journey to debt freedom is hardly ever the same as another. You can read stories from various people taking their own steps towards their financial goals. 

One reason we love Justin: He has a simple guide to finding your financial path that anyone can follow.

19.   Chilli, Sage and Lemon

If you follow our Twitter account you’ll know that we’ve started a #cheapscran hashtag so we can share any cheap and cheerful recipes that we find. Jess and her hubby Dave at Chilli, Sage and Lemon have been a great source of inspiration for us!

 One reason why we love Jess and Dave: Their brilliant guide to preventing food waste.

20.   Discountcoder 

Katie and Jenny are dedicated to saving money, the environment and your social life. DiscountCoder will show you how to spend less on the things you genuinely need and how to get the best value from your hard-earned cash. 

One reason we love Katie and Jenny: 8 tiny money-saving ideas that build up to big savings!”

And My Top Five That Were Born in the USA

I’m going to add to MoneyAware’s list with three of my favourite personal finance blogs from the States. The personal finance blogging community is a lot bigger in the States than in the UK and there’s so much to learn from its terrific writers. If I had to save any in a fire I’d pick these three:

Budgets are Sexy – This site, written by the mysterious J$ has such a strong voice. It’s his readiness to lay bare all the details of his financial life, such as how much he’s worth etc, that partly make this site so compelling.

Afford Anything – Paula is among the most thought provoking of US personal finance bloggers, with a fresh take on all the big money issues. You won’t catch her writing about saving a few pence on a latte  – she goes for the important stuff like how to build a property portfolio and how to make those really tough decisions about prioritising what you want in life.

Get Rich Slowly – One of the biggest of the US personal finance sites with no-nonsense advice on every money issue under the sun. And some great readers stories too.

What about you, Skint pals? What are your favourite sites – with a money slant or otherwise? If you share we can get a little site-swap going – kind of like a bloggers book club . . .  I’d love to hear which blogs float your boat . . .

Skint xx 

PS – If you want to find out more about those money-saving insider tips from the hairdresser – including that paprika one – subscribe here.


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