Win £60 of Amazon Vouchers! (And find out which sort of shopper you are too . . . )

Ho ho ho, Skint pals!

In the spirit of Xmas giving I’ve got a lovely competition for you today – the chance to win £60 of Amazon vouchers, just in time to blitz your Christmas shopping. And not just that – there’s a fun little quiz too, which might reveal why you behave the way you do when it comes to Christmas shopping. win amazon vouchers

The folks at Barclaycard asked me to take a quiz they’ve developed, together with researchers at Brunel University, to identify which type of shopping ‘tribe’ I fall into. They’ve identified four key shopping tribes – and apparently we all fall into one of them. They are : the Screen Saver, the Profit Prophet, the High Street Pounder and the Bargain Hunter Gatherer. So, after surrendering to this very scientific experiment I can confirm that I am apparently . . .  wait for it . . .  a Screen Saver.

Unsurprising maybe, given that the chief characterisitics of this tribe are sitting at a screen a lot, doing stuff online and preferring to Christmas shop from the sofa whilst drinking tea and eating chocolate. Yep, that would be about right then. Fancy finding out which is your tribe, Skint pals? Here’s the link here. The quiz takes 60 seconds, (actually, it took me even less than that), and will give you the chance to net you £60 worth of vouchers – not a bad exchange for a minute’s work fun.

Here’s how to enter: take the quiz, then tell me which tribe you belong to by posting a comment. And, if you don’t already, to enter please also susbcribe to Skint in the City please sign up using the box on the right, simply filling in your name and email. You will then automatically be entered into the competition to win the Amazon vouchers  – but hurry folks, the competition closes at midnight, Friday, December 6, folks!

Best of luck Skint pals. £60 of vouchers and some personality insights too – what’s not to love? Can’t wait to learn which tribes you all belong to ! The winner will be revealed on Satuday, December 7.

Remeber to leave your comment and to subscribe!

Skint xx

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116 thoughts on “Win £60 of Amazon Vouchers! (And find out which sort of shopper you are too . . . )

  1. jodie harvey

    Bargain Hunter Gatherer – agree’d!!

  2. Phillip James Davies

    I’m a Screen Saver!

  3. Im a bargain hunter gatherer – so true!

  4. debbie creasey

    I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer and proud of it! 😀

  5. R Aziz

    High Street Pounder!

  6. I am a Bargain Hunter Gatherer – absolutely spot on! x

  7. Naomi Buchan

    I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer

  8. I’m a bargain hunter gatherer!

  9. Rachael Wise

    …I am The Bargain Hunter Gatherer! Through and through! Quite proud of it too!
    I love the feeling i get when i manage to grab a bargain!
    It makes me feel really good to know that I’ve saved on something and can treat the babies with the extra! 😀

  10. Teresa Sheldon

    high Street pounder , which is about right love a good browse around the shops

  11. Nina House

    High Street Pounder + charity shops!

  12. Helen Schofield

    I’m a Screen Saver!

  13. Lucy Porter

    High street pounder!

  14. I’m a Screen Saver.

  15. Nicky atkins

    I’m deffo a bargain hunter gatherer!

  16. Profit prophet? You bet I am, and proud!

  17. c tindale

    I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer!!

  18. alice lightning

    i am a bargain hunter that is very true

  19. Glen

    I’m a Profit Prophet. Not sure about that!

  20. Jo Booth

    I’m a bargain hunter gatherer, and I am too :-)

  21. Christina Jarrett

    I’m a screen saver! :) x

  22. laura avery

    im a bargain hunter gatherer!

  23. Karen Whittaker

    High Street Pounder

  24. John Steele


  25. Anna

    I am a High Street Pounder @anna8301

  26. Lydia G

    I’m a Profit Prophet – probably about 50& right on what it said

  27. Natalie Gillham

    I’m a high street Punder :)

  28. Sandra Bald

    I’m a High Street Pounder

  29. jalila djelassi

    im a bargain hunter and proud!! im always looking to save a few pennies hear and there , im a mum of 5 so every little helps! :0)

  30. Screen saver for sure.

  31. wanda

    i am a screen saver and it is very true

  32. Alison Johnson

    Profit Prophet

  33. Jacqueline Roberts

    I’m a bargain hunter gatherer! I’m not ashamed I admit it lol, x

  34. Vicki Sherman

    screen saver

  35. Jayne T

    A high Street Pounder.

  36. lynn neal

    I’m a screen Saver!

  37. Kate Duckmanton

    I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer – Yes I am!

  38. Kirsty Sparks

    I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer :)

  39. Emma Thackery

    bargain hunter gatherer

  40. mrs sharron page

    I’m a bargain hunter.

  41. Prerna Gupta

    bargain hunter gatherer :)

  42. Gerri Tennant

    I’m a high street pounder definitely correct – support the local economy.

  43. Ann Skamarauskas

    high street pounder

  44. Gul

    I’m a bargain hunter gatherer! – the profile is so me!!

  45. caroline

    high street pounder

  46. paul jackson

    screen saver. probably true

  47. Lindy Hine

    I’m a High Street Pounder – true, probably!

  48. Leigh Fenn

    Im in the minority, im a profit prophet lol

  49. Stephen Dittrich

    Apparently I’m a ‘Screen Saver’ – NOT true! I’m much more of a Bargain Hunter Gatherer

  50. I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer

  51. Laura Vitty

    I’m a bargain hunter gatherer which is totally accurate x

  52. Melanie Fairypants Kelly

    I’m proud of this ,I grew up in a very poor household and we had non of the latest things ,I worked from 13 years old and mend where we can. My mum used to go around the shops with a calculator to make sure money went far enough and she taught me the value of money.

  53. lisa tebbutt


  54. Laura Oxley

    I am a screen saver, definitely spot on.

  55. kristy smith

    screen saver

  56. tracy north

    I am a high street pounder :)

  57. susan gough

    I’m a loyal shopper.Probably the reason I never have enough money!

  58. Jen Samuel

    High Street Pounder…I love the atmosphere out mas shopping in the wild!

  59. ELISHA

    High Street pounder here!

  60. Charlotte Hood

    Profit Prophet!

  61. Kirsty Harrington

    You’re a Profit prophet

  62. rebecca nisbet

    I am a bargain hunter gatherer, which is pretty accurate

  63. helen warrener

    i am a high street pounder

  64. SUE

    I’m a chilled out Screen Saver!..

  65. Patricia Walker

    High Street Pounder

  66. jessica newman

    im a high street pounder

  67. Brandie Browne

    Im a screen saver

  68. Jadea

    High Street Pounder

  69. Katarzyna Szewczyk

    I am a Screen Saver :)))

  70. gemma clark

    high street pounder!

  71. Robby Price

    High Street Pounder

  72. Sheri Darby

    I’m a High Street Pounder

  73. Nina Motylinski-Davies

    I’m a screen saver apparantly! At least it has the word ‘saver’ in it…..

  74. Helen Stratton

    I’m a High Street Pounder, seemed pretty accurate!

  75. High Street Pounder

  76. Sarah Cooper

    Bargain Hunter Gatherer

  77. Claire D

    Bargin Hunter Gatherer


    High Street Pounder

  79. vicki hennie

    Bargin Hunter, so true x x

  80. Sam P Toms

    I’m a bargain hunter-gatherer

  81. Nick Webb

    I’m a screen saver.

  82. Zoe Roxby

    Im a screen saver

  83. Elizabeth Smith

    I’m a Bargain Hunter Gatherer, but I think this is poverty!

    • That’s a good point, Elizabeth. Is it actually our personality types we’re discovering or do we just behave that way because of our circumstances? If we had all the money in the world we’d likely shop very differently!

  84. Laura Morris

    I’m a Screen Saver!

  85. Bridget Anderson

    Bargain Hunter Gatherer which is quite accurate!

  86. Liz ferguson

    High street pounder

  87. Kathy Cakebread

    i’m a high street pounder :)

  88. Isabel O'Brien

    I’m a bargain hunter gatherer which is about right.

  89. Elodie Ladlow

    im a high street pounder :)

    • Loving seeing all your comments, Skint pals! The Bargain Hunter Gatherers and the High Street Pounders are way out in front, so far . . .

  90. shelagh milne

    I’m a high street pounder which is strange as I do most of my shopping online

  91. Clare Kendick

    I’m a bargain hunter gatherer – makes sense!

  92. Jan

    I am the bargain hunter gatherer!

  93. I am a bargain hunter gatherer

  94. Bargain Hunter Gatherer all the way!

  95. Caroline Blaza

    I’m a High Street Pounder which is think is about right

  96. Lynsey Buchanan

    I’m a High Street Pounder

  97. Susan

    I am a high street pounder – Keeps me fit

  98. sarah davison

    high street pounder – so not true

  99. Spencer Broadley

    Bargain Hunter Gatherer

  100. Ian Barnes

    I’m a high street pounder

  101. Greig spencer

    bargain hunter gatherer! lmao

  102. Catherine Williams

    I am a bargain hunter gatherer

  103. kim neville

    I am a high street pounder which is correct

  104. Michael Scoates

    I’m a screen saver, it was pretty accurate except for shopping via mobile, my mobile struggles just with making/receiving calls :)

  105. S Edwards

    bargain hunter-gatherer, oh yes i am :)

  106. Helen Hunt

    I’m a Screen Saver :)

  107. Emma

    I am a High Street Pounder – Completely true, I love our trusty old local shops!

  108. I am a bargain hunter gatherer!

  109. joanna orr

    I’m a screen saver! Entirely true – I’ve done almost all the xmas shop online!

  110. Tracey

    I’m a bargain hunter-gatherer and so true to how I shop

  111. Peaf

    I’m a screen saver

  112. caz

    I’m a high street pounder probably because I like the good in my hands

  113. Wendy Collard

    I’m a screen saver – although I don’t use phone apps to shop, so a strange result! I’ve subscribed, many thanks x

  114. nic

    I’m a profit prophet, apparently.

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