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Hey Skint pals,

Well, it’s been quite a week. Since I last posted I’ve been on holiday (lovely) and been broken into (beyond horrible). Anyway, more about that in the next post, no point getting all gloomy about it now. Instead, I’m going for something that’ll cheer me up tonight: announcing your chance to win Groupon vouchers with Skint’s first giveaway.  

Yep, this is your chance to win Groupon vouchers – £40 of them actually – to spend on whatever floats your boat. No restrictions; the choice is yours, whether you plump for trapeze lessons, a set of garden fairy lights or just night on the town. And, in the usual fashion, all you need to do is answer one simple question. Though it’s not quite as simple as those questions you get on morning telly.  I’ve been watching more than my share of morning telly lately, baby Skint and I, and find the competitions more hilarious than the organisers surely intend. Here’s how they usually go: ‘Complete the well-known phrase: penny-wise, pound  . . .


b)The Queen Vic


win Groupon vouchers

Sure, you could settle for a Groupon pizza deal. Or you take a walk on the wild side instead . . .

So, no, sorry pals, it’s not quite that easy. But then, your chances of winning the Groupon vouchers are way higher. And it doesn’t cost £1.50 from BT landlines to enter. In fact, in true Skint style, it doesn’t cost a bean. All you need to do is leave a comment below telling me what you’d most like to spend the £40 of vouchers on should you win. And because I’m trying to get all high-falutin’ by spreading the word about Skint you get extra entries if you help with that. So, if you choose to tweet this competition or like  Skint on facebook etc you gain extra entries. Crafty, eh? By my standards anyway. Which are, admittedly, pretty low.

Just click here to enter: Skint in the City Groupon giveaway

So, simply let me know how you’d like to spend the vouchers chums and they could  soon be yours. The competition ends next Friday, September 7. Looking forward to reading your entries. Do feel free to make them as wild as you like.  I don’t get out so much these days, you see – got to get my kicks somehow.

T&Cs – Mother and father Skint, brother and baby Skint may not enter. In fact, anyone whose surname is Skint has both my condolences and my instructions not to enter. Sorry, them’s the breaks.  

UK Skint readers only for this one, folks.






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70 thoughts on “Win Groupon Vouchers

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  2. Simon Thompson

    would be great to put towards a nice meal for the family

  3. Shelley Jessup

    I’d like to visit Edinburgh zoo so I’d put towards a hotel for us all to stay in for the night.

  4. caroline kelly

    Cupcake course to learn how to make my cupcakes look pretty for my soon to be 2 year old daughters party, and maybe if any leftover get me hair done!

  5. Natale White

    I would definitely put them towards a little hotel break away for me and my boyfriend… We need a break :)

  6. olivia kirby

    a schexy night away with my hubby

  7. Janine Atkin

    definitely a nice relaxing spa day with my besty. leave the fellas at home with the kids for a change!

  8. lucy vassallo

    I would use them to have my carpets cleaned in the new house im going to move into soon.

  9. Angie Hoggett

    a nice pamper day!

  10. Linda Guest

    Sallie Guest on Fb and I’ve liked :)
    Butterflytails on twitter, I’m following x

  11. Linda Guest

    I would use to towards all the things I need in my home. We are rebuilding the bathroom and refitting the kitchen is next so I’m already storing up amazing Groupon bargains to make my home special without breaking the bank :)

  12. Jenny Smurthwaite

    I could always do with some nice new lingerie

  13. Micky Ricketts

    I would buy either a Haircut or some pampering both of which i need pretty badly!

  14. sue willshee

    Groupon have got some fab deals on eating out. Both hubby & I have birthdays coming soon so I’d use the prize towards a fantastic birthday meal for us both :-)

  15. Sheila Reeves

    I’d use them to get my hair coloured professionally again – I miss that!

  16. Andrew Halliwell

    I’d wait until an offer came up for garden services and get my garden cleared and dug over so I could plant vegetables… Bit of a jungle at the moment.

  17. Keith

    Nice meal out

  18. Rebecca Cleary

    Towards a Family Day out for me, my partner and 3 kids. :) x

  19. rachael jones mann

    I would spend them on an evening out for myself and my fella , a meal without the kids just for once would be lovely

  20. Steph

    I would have *the* most EPIC pyjama day and buy lots of chocolate, cake (ooh, chocolate cake maybe!) and a couple of DVDs! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  21. Samatha Ripley

    one of the photo sessions i think

  22. Elizabeth yeates

    i would spend them on a nice meal for me and my boyfriend!

  23. Daisy Bryan

    I would use them to get some restaurant vouchers and treat my other half to a nice meal :)

  24. Paul Ellams

    I think I’d get a canvas print for the front room.

  25. liam

    think it would have to be some bedding and aftershave. I never treat myself so this would be a good time!

  26. Beki Lacy

    I’d treat my lovely Mummy to a massage that she deserves xxxxxxxxx


    I would put it towards a romantic night out with my hubby .. we either never have the money or the time lately so that would be good

  28. kristy brown

    I would put it towards replacing my hubbies watch as we woke up to a man ransacking our room when on holiday in Spain and this was one of the things he took.

    • Yikes! I feel your pain, Kirsty, having just been broken into last week. While we slept, like you. Beyond horrible. Thanks for your comment, x

  29. Sharon McGuinness

    I would use it towards an overnight stay for my husbands 40th birthday which is coming up soon.

  30. Emma C

    A day out (date day) for me and my husband as having a newborn we forgetting to spend any quality time together

    • I know how that feels, Emma! Best of luck, x

  31. I would use the vouchers to buy Christmas Presents, – else no one will be getting anything this year!

  32. Zoe Howarth

    Either a day out or towards a holiday

  33. siobhan marie

    food lol x

  34. Kirsty Sparks

    I would put it towards money off one of their travel experiences

  35. Carrie Jones

    I love to win this prize.

  36. Hannah

    A pampering day would be lovely or a spa treatment!

  37. Samantha Atherton

    I’d spend it on spa treatments as well because i really need some me time.

  38. I treat the hubby to a romantic meal out.

  39. Ceri Kay

    I would put the voucher towards a weekend away somewhere lovely!

  40. Sam B

    I’d take my family out for a meal

  41. Family day out of some kind c/o Groupon. :)

  42. Hannah Ellis

    I would spend it on a luxury spa treatment, my poor back could do with some tlc!

  43. Joanna Orr

    I’d put it towards a european weekend away!

  44. Cas Philip

    I would spend them on a 1/3 day off roading course.

  45. Alex Brownlee

    I would take my girlfriend out for a meal

  46. George Spedding

    A short break

  47. Hayley Fountain

    i would use it towards a meal out with the family x

  48. Emma Nugent

    A spa day for me too!

  49. Gary Topley

    I would use it towards a spa :)

  50. Greig spencer

    meal out with my partner!

  51. Lyndsey B

    If I won this I would love to spend it on treatments such as a manicure and pedicure!

  52. louise m

    on a treat for my mum!

  53. Hazel Rea

    Something relaxing for me and my daughter – a spa treatment perhaps.

  54. kim mayhead

    I would spend it on a day out for me , my hubby and the kids

  55. Love the blog, waves from a fellow blogger.

    I would treat me and my 6 year old son to a lovely meal, and hopefully be able to get us both something small out of it too :)

    I liked on Facebook – Jada Lewendon, followed on Twitter – UniqueMummyBlog and following by RSS – Jade Lewendon.

    Jade – Unique Young Mummy Blog

    • Hi folks, just checking in top see how the giveaway’s going and wanted to thank you all for entering. great to read what you’d all do with the vouchers. Good luck to you all – competition ends on Friday so still a few days left to enter for those who haven’t yet. Skint xxx

  56. Naomi K

    Would love to purchase one of their pearl jewellery sets!

    Been after them for a good while now.

  57. Gillian Holmes

    I would buy some kitchen equipment.

  58. Heather

    A night out at the cinema and a meal

  59. Anita

    good old fashioned mani and pedi

  60. Donna Lawton

    I’d put it towards a short break for my parents. x

  61. Isabel O'Brien

    There are a lot of good short breaks on Groupon so I would probably put it towards a trip for my mum and I.

  62. I would use it on a lovely relaxing spa day. Sorry for the second submission – Put something in wrong

  63. Amanda Steel


  64. Ashleigh

    i would use it for a meal out with my husband

  65. Natalie Lee

    I think either towards a Spa day or a meal out :)

  66. Linda Hobbis

    I’d love any spa treatment or perhaps afternoon tea somewhere swanky. You won’t find me abseiling off any cliffs!

  67. Jenny Eaves

    I’d love this prize, it would be great to spend it on a spa day. :)

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