Win £300 in this Cash Giveaway!

Hey Skint pals,

Happy Sunday to you all! Hope this coming week is a good one. What would make it brilliant for you? Winning £300 maybe? You might just have hit lucky here then! This week, Skint in the City has worked together with fellow bloggers, The Savvy Scot and The Money Principle, to bring you a bonanza-tastic chance to win money – £300 cash no less, sponsored by! Yep, 300 smackers (more than $450) to spend on whatever takes your fancy.  Sadly, I’m barred from entering, but if I could I’d be planning to put the winnings towards a little Easter getaway.

woman winning money

Not being the most organised type, my holiday planning generally kicks off around May, when many of the best bargains have gone. But this year I am smugness itself, having already booked my Easter hols. Admittedly I can take little of the credit for getting my finger out so promptly. You see, this year we are going away with a couple of pals and their families and it’s their get-up-and-go that galvanised me into action – otherwise I’d likely still be dithering over holiday websites till a week before take-off.

I’ve spoken before, here, about the many benefits – financial, social and others – of renting a villa with pals and this Easter we’re doing it. Six adults, six kids in a villa in Portugal. Chipping in this way really makes a massive difference in terms of cost – a six bedroom villa with a pool and great views, split three ways, is both cheaper and far more luxurious than any of us could have gone for on our own. And by buying and cooking food together, eating in round the table etc we’ll be saving money without trying too hard. The other massive benefit of this type of break I think is that children seem to magically disappear when they get together with others, banding together and generally steering clear of the adults all day. More fun for them and more chill-out time for the grown-ups too.

Wait up – serendipity alert! I’m writing this in a cafe and, as fate would have it, the people next to me are, at this very second, talking about Portugal. The guy is saying that his sister is thinking of buying somewhere in Portugal since prices are reasonable and the Portuguese people are lovely. So, there you have it – my holiday choice validated by a bit of impromptu eavesdropping! If you won the £300, what holiday destination or activity would you put it towards? Let me know by entering the competition.You can choose to just enter once or – by Liking, Tweeting etc – you can gain lots more chances to enter. Just click here to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck pals. Skint x

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27 thoughts on “Win £300 in this Cash Giveaway!

  1. I’d buy a new snowboard, even though i’m skint, thats how irresponsible I actually am…pick me! :)

    • Sorry you didn’t win this time Thomas, but I hope you get your snowboard soon anyway! Perfect weather for it in the UK right now too!

  2. Emma Gallagher

    I would put it towards a family holiday in the UK possibly Center Parcs as I went years ago and it was fantastic

  3. samantha schofield

    id use it 2wards our summer hols would defo tak a lil stress off

  4. nic

    I would love to get a proper bookshelf in IKEA – I hate having to get rid of all the books because there’s nowhere to put them.

    • I’m with you there Nic! I’ve got bags of books in the basement, all awaiting a new set of Ikea shelves!

  5. Shelley Jessup

    It would go towards the once in a lifetime holiday to Iveland or Norway we are planning for next year. This is a very exciting giveaway!

  6. Shelley Jessup

    It would defintely go towards the once in a lifetime trip we are trying to plan for either Norway or Iceland next year. This giveaway is so very exciting!

  7. Tarra Dwyer

    I would put it towards a family holiday in Bournemouth!

  8. fiona o'farrell

    I would put it toward going to Ireland to visit my mum who I havn’t seen for 3 years.

    • Nice, Fiona. I have family in Ireland too and don’t visit as much as I should. Hope you get to see your mum soon.

  9. Jo Hopkins

    I’d put the money on my family holiday where we go to Haven and have a great time. Will be our 2nd holiday and can’t wwait and the money from this competition would really help us out xxx

    • Sounds great Jo. I did Eurocamp last year – similar – and loved that too. Best of luck.

  10. emma

    I would love to win because this would help buy me a new dishwasher which broke yesterday

    • Oh, good luck Emma! I would give up a lot of things before my dishwasher – that’s a real pain for you. More competitions coming soon if you aren’t lucky this time round so you’ll hear about them here. All the best and thanks for entering. Skint x

  11. Fiona Matters

    I’d buy something nice for my other half. He got made redundant and is feeling blue.

    • So sorry to hear that Fiona. Sadly, there’s a bit of a redundancy theme going on here. A sign of the times and not a good one. I do hope your husband gets a new job soon and that all will be well. Skint x

  12. Isabel O'Brien

    My friend moved to Missouri last year so I would put it towards visiting him, travelling to America is so expensive!

    • Yep, sometimes you need a bit of bonus money to be able to justify a big trip! Best of luck, Isabel. And if you don’t win this one there are some more competitions coming up on the site soon so keep checking in! Skint x

  13. Lisa Barker

    If I won £300 I would treat my mum to something really nice for Mother’s Day – like a pamper spa break :-)

  14. Keith Daniels

    Good luck all, redundancy is lousy Emma, I know the hard way too.

  15. jasmin holland

    Right at this moment I would put it on a one way ticket to Australia! 😉

  16. Emma

    I would love to win this and be able to put it towards a holiday but i was made redundant a week ago monday on the same day i found out i am pregnant! so would need money for baby stuff! Good luck to all x

    • Oh Emma, what bad news re your redundancy. Wishing you the very best of luck with the giveaway – and for an exciting next chapter in your life!

  17. hazel rigazio

    amazing giveaway

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