Last Chance to Win

Hey, Skint pals,

Hoping as always that you had a great weekend. I did – catching up with my two oldest* pals on Friday night and getting a once-in-a-very-blue-moon kid-free night away with Mr Skint on the Saturday.

win money, time is money

The time is . . .

So, I’m back with a spring in my step now and a reminder to all of you Skint chums who haven’t yet entered the competition to win £55 Bownty of  vouchers that today is the last full day to do so. You can enter here – it’s free to do so of course and I wish you the very best of luck.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a proper post – just a quickie today to ensure that whoever wants to enter the competition doesn’t miss out.  

Skint x

*You know what I mean. Not oldest in terms of wrinkles, but oldest cos we’ve been friends since we were tiny. (You’re not getting away from me now, girls – you know too much!) xxx 

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