Win £55 To Spend at Bownty

Well, Skint pals,
I’ve got news of a cracking of a giveaway for you today – the chance to win £55 worth of deals from the daddy of all the daily deal websites, Bownty.
They’re clever folks at Bownty. You know how many group-buying and daily deals websites there are out there now? And, how, as Skint folks with an eye for a stylish bargain, we like to sign up to them all? It sounds great in the beginning, doesn’t it – signing up for the latest deals, then waiting for news of the bargains to ping into your inbox. . .
Except, before you know it, you’re getting ten emails a day from ten different deal sites, all trying to tempt you to part with your cash. And because some of the deals are so great, you find yourself pulled in different directions. Eyebrow threading! Afternoon tea! Teeth whitening! Ooh, a funny roller on a stick that gets the dust off of curtain poles! Suddenly, you need them all.

win money

‘Psst, Enid! Those girls beside the meringues are here on a Bownty deal!’

Halt right there! There is another way, Skint pals. A better way. One that doesn’t condemn you to a life of random item buying, then losing track of which site you bought from. Step forward Bownty! These guys collect daily deals from more than 100 deal sites, like Groupon and Living Social, on one single site and show only the ones that match your interests. So: no more offers for grouting pens and fluffy hand warmers – unless those are the sort of things that really float your boat.
Every morning, Bownty send you a customized daily deal email,  based on your location and interests. It’s kind of like having a personal shopper, someone to bring you the deals that fit you perfectly. They’ll run around after you too – with the Bownty app the deals come winging to you, wherever you are.

How to Enter

So, ready to try Bownty out? Today, I’m delighted to be bringing you the chance to win £55 of deals from them. And because Bownty aggregates your most relevant deals from the likes of Groupon, LivingSocial and a host of other sites, you’re bound to find something you love.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Simply click on the link here to be taken to the Bownty page relating to the competition
  2. Sign up for the Bownty deals emails
  3. Sit back and wait hopefully for news of £55 winging it’s way towards you, cunningly disguised as a Bownty credit.
The esteemed folks at Bownty will then select a winner and get in touch with the good news. There’s no charge to enter pals, so it’s worth a try. You have until Tuesday, September 3rd to enter. Heck, I’d be doing it myself if they’d let me.
Stay tuned for more news about the Bownty giveaway later in the week, folks. Meantime, best of luck!
Skint xx
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